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Private Practice Bliss™

Online program to help you build your ideal private practice.



Private Practice Bliss™ Online Training Program

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You dream of a private practice that lets you help people while giving you freedom.

Freedom to choose your own hours, schedule and location. Freedom to decide what client issues you help people with, the size of your case load and what kind of therapy you practice.

You want the freedom to take time off to help out a family member when needed, take a specialized training or nourish yourself with a vacation or the occasional day to yourself!

You know you want to work for yourself, but there are so many things to consider when building a practice, such as;

  • where to work
  • how to find clients
  • what to charge
  • how to work with insurance
  • what kind of business structure to set up
  • what to do about supervision and
  • how to stay on top of best practices.

And then, once you’ve got that figured out, you need to mange the “business” part of the practice, such as;

  • systems (ways to manage clients through the intake, scheduling and payment process)
  • marketing (deciding how to grow your practice so you’re not always searching for new clients)
  • scaling (booking workshops or groups or selling products)
  • delegating (find affordable help)

Private Practice Bliss™ is an online program to help you create your ideal practice.

1)  Assess

The Private Practice Bliss™ Inventory

Many people start a practice by choosing a location, ordering business cards and telling everyone they know, “I’ll work with anyone, I just need clients”. Unfortunately, this often leads to regret or even shutting a practice down before it’s had a chance.

Starting a practice can create amazing opportunities for you. There are a few key things you can to do optimize the limited amount of time you have to work ON your practice, because you will be spending most of your time working IN your practice.

The Private Practice Bliss™ inventory will help you see what areas you need to focus on to create a practice that gives you the freedom to live your values and achieve your own private practice bliss.

2) Plan

The Private Practice Bliss™ Foundation Plan

After you complete the Private Practice Bliss™ inventory, you will complete your foundation plan, which will become your guide for all future decisions and growth in your practice. 

Following this plan will help you prioritize and focus your energy on specific tasks that support your end vision of private practice bliss. 


3) Implement

The Private Practice Bliss™ Map

After you’ve completed your foundation plan, you will explore your options for smart and strategic growth.  Here you will learn a private practice growth model that will help you grow your business with the least amount of risk and the highest chance for success. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Private Practice Bliss™ Instructor

Three things to look for when choosing an instructor:

1) Choose someone who has successfully gone through the growth process you are going through.

2) Choose someone who is succeeding at the level that you want to succeed at.

3) Choose someone that you enjoy learning from and who helps you take action.

2018 Women in Business Awards, NYC.

Charlene Richard, B.S.W., M.S.W., RSW

Founder of Caring Safely ®

In 2018 Charlene won two business awards for the practice she started in 2016 while working full-time in public mental health.  She has since grown her practice into Caring Safely®, a company providing international training and consultation for helping and healthcare organizations.  She left her full-time public mental health work in June of 2018 to work full-time in Caring Safely and teach at the University of Calgary.


Online Training Program

In this training, you will learn:

  • What you need to consider in order to create a practice you love working in that also prevents compassion fatigue and burnout (AKA Private Practice Bliss!)
  • How to start and grow your practice (even if you’re still working full time)
  • How to decide what services you want to offer and how to structure them in a way that is easier to sell
  • How to “market” your services without feeling pushy or “cold calling” people
  • How to protect yourself from the boom and bust cycle of finding and keeping clients
  • How to handle negativity from well-meaning family or friends who don’t understand the world of private practice
  • Resources that can help you start and grow your practice
  • Bonus module: How to avoid three huge mistakes that cost most people time, money and energy when starting or growing a practice (I did them all!)

Registration Is Now Closed

Next round will be offered in 2025.

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